Thursday, February 08, 2007

winter is here once more!


Bill said...

I hope your spring will arrive soon. However, we are really enjoying your wintry offerings.


Bill Scott, Sr. said...

I like winter.

jel said...

Bill, thanks for stoping by, and spring will get here, and then we will be wanting winter again :)

Hi Bill Scott,
I like winter to, just get tired of it about this time of year :)
thanks for the visit!

blessings to you both!

Ancient Wanderer said...

I like was sunny and 71 here today. It got down to 45 last night. We almost froze. :)

Terry said...

Jel, you should see what Mrs. Mac has on her blog site. It looks like somebdoy threw a great big fat snowball at the sun and YOU are the sun's little sister. I think you should do something about it!!...Love Terry

ps.. While you're at it, send some sun down our way,eh?