Friday, February 09, 2007

if you are into renting movies,

and you don't have anything to do this weekend

you can't go wrong in renting this one!

it is a very AWESome movie!

have a very safe and blessed weekend


floots said...

thanks for looking in
i'm fine - just busy
logging as always
and today digging out a ditch
all good fun :)
enjoy the weekend

brian said...

i have heard lots about the film and do hope to see it sometime.

some objections were that it was a little cliche', health and wealth, in plot, but that ain't always bad, just not always the case.

cool, thanks for the rec

Saija said...

did you hear that Francine Rivers, novel, "The Last Sin Eater" is now a movie? ...

i read the book - it was good ...

thanks for sharing the movie info ... :o)

Paula Harrington said...

I've been wanting to see this however just finding the time to sit down and watch something is a huge feat.

I promise I'll try though :)

Joe said...

I have heard that this is a really good film. I must rent it and watch it!

Corry said...

Love the look of your blog, dear sis. :-)

God's Grace.

Trey Morgan said...

Excellent movie ... also Night at the Museum was fantastic

BJ said...

Hello, I just stopped by to view your site
and say God Bless You.