Thursday, February 01, 2007


well they got me!

so if you don't hear from for a few day, it's cause I don't know what I'm a doing:(


lori said...

This is great! I love when you capture the sky that color.

Noel Lewis said...

Hi Jel. Awesome pictures!

Terry said...

Aw Come on now Jel...You already had a long holiday this year!!

Jel if you are still around, are you having a hard time to comment on David's pilgrimscribblings blog. I am
I can get to him on Barnabas site but not on his main site......Love Terry

Jim said...

Have fun! Drop in now and then while you're on the road.

Don Iannone said...

And we give thanks for that mercy. Beautiful pictures in the most recent series of posts, jel!

Pat Paulk said...

Well, we're all learning together.