Monday, February 26, 2007

I feel, I I need to apologize for my lack of knowledge, too a group of men , known as preachers .

Up until a year or so ago, I had always thought of preachers,as having the inside track of the good life. As in never having any worries or cares, they were up there on a higher plane, with God.

To me , they were like a Superman, they took care of everyone , their church , their own family.

They know everything, they never got sick , never tired , and didn't know what the word "STRESS" was. Basically they had it made!

But I was soooo wrong in my thinking , as I said before in this last year and part of this year, Thanks to blogland, but really thinking that God is the one that sat forth this!

That I have gotting to know some really cool (men) preachers, and some that are really funny,

something I didn't know , one could be! sorry about that "B" , and I even made some friends too. and hope they are still my friends, after they read this, and forgive me.

This is what I have learned, they do take care of everyone , and they are very smart, but in a humble way. But they do get sick, and they do get tired , and they know the meaning to the word, "STRESS" to well!

Every year around Oct. they have Pastor Appreciation , I don't know when it stated or who started it. But it was and is a very cool, I even post about it , but since then I have a deeper Appreciation for Pastor's and their family's , and they should be appreciated all year, not just in Oct.

In getting to know some of you, I have learn to Dig deeper into the word,don't give up, pray for one another , and a sense of humor goes a long way, in helping with Stress!

So thank you very much, for being who you are!

And God bless you!


Ancient Wanderer said...

Thank you for 'thinking' about preachers.

You did OK ;)

I guess a lot of men had to decide on the ministry or stand-up comedy.


laymond said...

jel; jel; jel; forgive her Lord for she knows not what she did. You give these guys a little praise and it will only get worse.
I think before they can be ordained they should have to wear an animal skin and eat honey and bugs for at least the time they are going to school. Just my thoughts :)

Cameron Cloud said...

Thanks for the kind words, jel. Pastoring is a blessed burden.

S.O. said...

Thank You. A Blog In Our Honor Is Exciting. Being A Preacher, Minister, Evangelist Is A Tremendous Calling From God. We Of All People Are Blessed. Why? Because Of Our God & Wonderful Brethren!
T. Who IS Now S.O.

Paul said...

It's always struck me that religious vocation is an odd thing in a way.

Naturally clerics are subject to the same stresses as others. But what's interesting to me is that there is no "spirituality test." I've met clergy who struck me as truly having callings, and others that frankly came across as bureaucrats who found their way into the church for lesser reasons.

Lisa said...

Amen, Janice. I know some of the preachers you're talking about, and I couldn't agree more that they deserve appreciation and all the encouragement we can give them. Nice job, Janice. :o)

Brian Nicklaus said...

finally, one convert, now if we can just reach the other 99.

seriously, (if you trust that I can be serious), thank you. I think some preachers enjoy the pedestal, or maybe need it in some way, but most of us are struggling along like the rest and enjoy being recognized as human.

it is good to get to know you, God bless. if you feel you need forgiveness, I gladly forgive, although no offense was taken.

S.O. said...

Question? Tell me about yourself.(If you can do this on your on blog) You have a way with pictures and with thoughts. Your humbleness is honest and appreciated.
T but now S.O.

lisa said...

What does S.O. stand for? I think I know who "T" is, from Don's blog?? Just curious.

Jan, that is awesome. I think it's very sweet, and my Dad will too. I'm going over now to tell him about it. I'll probably link your post later.

Have an awesome day!! You've been blessing me with your friendship.

jel said...

I'm a tender Heart! :)

I bet you to it Lisa!:P

Pat Paulk said...

Janice you do have a tender and loving heart. We're all made from the same clay.

Terry said...

Dear Jel...The preachers DO get tired and they don't like it when we think they are perfect and set them on a pedestal.

It is a 24 hour job to them!

Pat is right about your tender heart Jel.
How could anyone stop writing to you or even consider dropping a precious jewel like you as their friend?
ESPECIALLY after this eye opening posting of yours!

You know that even the Lord Jesus, Himself got tired and hungry and thirsty and criticized and He cried.......God continue to bless you Jel and bless your blog too!...Love Terry

Northern Farmer said...

Beautiful post!
God Bless!

Bob Bliss said...

The picture looks nice. Thanks for immortalizing Nathan and me. I think it was a standard lesson taught in preacher's school - "never let them see you sweat." Unfortunately we do sweat.

Saija said...

i guess that is why a person gets " called " to be a preacher, one wouldn't want to volunteer otherwise!

i've learned so much through blogging too - about others and their struggles, etc etc ...

blessings on ya!

Jim said...

Wonderful thoughts. A lot of time we take the shoulder we are leaning on for granted.

Joe said...

At least some preachers are people, too.

I have met some I wondered about, though.

Good post!

Godwyn Lim said...

Sister Janice!

God is always good to us:=) We are all protected with the promises in Psalm 91!

"No evil will befall you, Nor will any plague come near your tent." Psalm 91:10

Rejoice in the Lord:=) Have a Bless week ahead!

I like what you wrote about preachers! A good Amen for that!

trinitystar said...

Sometimes we fail to notice that they too are human ... to be focused on God and Love is an art.
and doing so brings forth the Being in you. Yes, I guess a few of them do a stand up comedy at times when stood in the pulpit.
Hugs for you
Have a wonderful day.

lori said...

Hi Jel,

I have no idea what happened to Dot. It looks like she deleted her blog. How sad!


Brian Nicklaus said...

we just had a family of four deer in our back yard this morning. even though we live in a very crowded residential area, we are near 3 parks, and a couple of miles from a reservation.

I went and grabbed my camera and I think at least one foto will turn out. since I am not doing digital, it may be a week before I develop it but I will put one on my site.

just wanted to share

Greg said...

Kind words from a kind-hearted person. I'm sure there are some preachers out there that really need to hear something encouraging ... for a change.

Judas Hate said...

Thanks Jel:-)