Saturday, February 10, 2007

Well we all know that Valentine's day is coming up ,

and it is suppost to be the day that you, show your true love how much you love them,

Well that got me to thinking , Thanks to all the fine people , that let's me hang around with them here on blogland!

Do you know what the bestest Valentine, there ever was!


grandpaw said...

Janice , Roses are red and violets are blue ,We couldn't go without the pictures you DO ! Blessings ! Grandpaw.

jel said...

you are just too nice, Grandpaw! :)
hope you are doing well!

may God bless you!

Ancient Wanderer said...

Thanks to 'jel' for being part of blogland.


Jim said...

Hi JEL -- This picture is a wonderful idea, my thinking would never come up with that.
We have the bestest Valentine, guess now I'd better make sure Mrs. Jim gets another nice one.

Pat Paulk said...

Yeah, I think the thanks goes to you for letting us hang out with you!!

Terry said...

Dear Jel....Donna said that she got a nice white flower for Valentines day and it was from the Lord!.....Love Terry

And I agree with are everyone's valentine and you are MY Sunshine!...Love Terry

Hi Jim and Adi!!

Noel Lewis said...

And a Happy Valentine's to you, jel.

lori said...

Amen! Blessing to you, my friend and Happy Valintines Day.

laymond said...

Because of jel's place the world is a brighter place

Rulan said...

Hey Janice, I send you emails but they keep bouncing back to me.

Terry said...

Dear Jel... I just wanted to tell you that I got an email form David Fisher asking us to pray for him. He has been ill for a few days.
Thank you in advance...Love Terry

Ancient Wanderer said...

It's your blond ;)


Terry said...

Thasnk you Sunshine!...I swiped ANOTHER one of your pictures for my posting.
I learned that from the best...David Fisher!! He does HIS fair share of swiping
pictures!!..Love Terry

floots said...

as pat said - thanks to you jel