Friday, February 16, 2007


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you feeling better- now that is cold.

Terry said...

Oh Jel!! I was just about to send Adi out on another search party to find you!!
I hope you ARE feeling better!
Everybody missed you!
Thank you so much for the lovely valentine.
Bernie listened to the music over and over!
It was so nice!!....Love Terry

Adi is down for a couple of days visit.
Mrs. Jim made her a cute little hat to keep her warm here in this cold climate!

Jim said...

"How is the snow, Mama?"
Very pretty!
BTW, Adi doesn't like snow.

Terry said...

Like snow or not Jim.. Your Adi is out playing in it this morning with about a dozen cats, she surely is!!...Hi Jel...I guess the search for our Sunshine is off!
Keep warm...I won't...I am on my way to work!...Love Terry

Carol said...

I just adore all these pictures of snow...I sit in the heat of 90degrees
cannot wait for winter...