Monday, February 19, 2007


Terry said...

Jel..Did you get my email?

dot said...

That looks like a nice place to fish. Good verse also!

Saija said...

Jesus always used examples we could relate to ... simple - yet spoke volumes!!!

Ancient Wanderer said...

Hey jel,
The long weekend continues. Waiting for my son to get home from work. I plan on being up early.. hitting the DP and Oreos ;)

Have a study set for Wednesday... maybe God has a "catch" coming my way for Him.


Carol said...

A great follow on from the previous post...thankyou..

Brian Nicklaus said...

are all the pictures taken by you?
and what software do you use to superimpose the words?

I recently went to the funeral of 96 year old african-american preacher. He always drove nice cars, someone quoted him as saying,
"If I am to be a fisher of men, I need a nice boat"

jel said...

Terry, got it! :)

Dot, that's Bennett Springs, when it was a baby.

Saija, that's what I think !

AW, better take it easy on the DP and O's :) and ya never know He just might!

Carol, Thank you!

Brian, all are my but the ones that i'm in :)
and I use Microsoft PhotoDraw V2 software!

Pat Paulk said...

Yes ma'am!!

grandpaw said...

Janice that is one of them fishing holes that I wonder if we gonna have in heaven ? LOL. Grandpaw.

Godwyn Lim said...

Sister Janice!

Is this our fishing trip you promised:=)

I'm back, uploaded an entry, visit my blog when you have the time:=)

Meantime, The Lord Bless you & your family with His unfailing love! Our Faithful Jesus! Have a Bless weekend!

Paula Harrington said...

Don't you wish we were fishing here right now? I say we all take a fishing trip together this summer...Somebody will have to bait my hook. The worms creep me out :)

Amy said...

Janice, What a great picture. My father enjoyed fishing when I was a child. This picture reminds me of him. All the pic's are amazing.

Terry said...

Hi Jel. Sorry my email site is giving you a hard time.
I think I will have to find out from my server what is going on!!

Just want to thank you for your visits, I think I am A OK now...Love Terry

jel said...

Pat, grandpaw, Paula,and Brother Godwyn, thank you for stopping by, and I think that it would be a grand thing to do, to go on a fishing trip with yu all, that would be some fun!

Amy, and Terry, thanks you so very much for the visit, you are a blessing to all that pass you by!

May God bless you!