Wednesday, February 28, 2007




Pat Paulk said...

Beautiful Janice, beautiful!!

Terry said...

So nice Jel and only a sunbeam like you can sing it!

You didn't say anythig wrong on my blog comments.
You really have an ice box though that I can raid?
I would be more intersted in the ice itself. When we were little kids and the iceman used to come around, he always chipped off big clear chunks for us kids to suck on. Nothing beat it!!
So if I DO come and your door is unlocked, I will come in with your comment printed our for proof that I am allowed to raid your ice box Jel!!.........Have a good day!..Love Terry

curious servant said...

Thanks for being the 50,000th visitor to my blog!

I'm glad it was you, someone I already know.

See you around, my friend.

curious servant said...
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