Wednesday, February 28, 2007

sorry for the small print!
what would you do if Jesus walked in side your church one sunday?


Saija said...

good points ... would we recognize Christ?

Jim said...

He'd better not sit in my seat. He can squeeze in beside me, I'll push over a bit.
I clicked on your small print and it got nice and big.
That is a good one.

BJ Scoggins said...

Hi Jel,
I post two pictures just now of Joes feet on his post.
Have a Blessed Day! God Bless You!

Terry said...

Dear Jel...If you click on to the writng it becomes nice and big...Easy to read!

It is well worth reading!! Really really good!
It reminds me of that book..forget the name of it but I never forgot the main questiom. "What would Jesus Do?"

Jel we are getting ice storms now!!...Love Terry

Hmm... I just remembered the title of that book. It is, "In His Steps".
I read it a few times as I was growing up.
Don't you dare be even be thinking it Sunshine...that I never DID grow up!! Ha! And to be sure, I DIDN'T but that is beside the point!

laymond said...

Hi Good post, I just wrote a post about him taking our place.

Corry said...

Thanks for sharing. I loved this. Another great reminder to love each other, like Christ loves us! :-)


God's Grace.