Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I wanted to post a spring like pict today , cause it feels like spring today, it is in the 50's , but wed, it will be in the 30's again, so I'm enjoying today!

Blessings y'all!!!!!


Saija said...

so glad you guys are getting some warm weather ... enjoy for me too,eh! it didn't even make it to -20C today ... but it is sunny!

hope you are healing up too!!!!

Northern Farmer said...

And to think, I could probably make it down to your area with one day's drive. Fifty above, I can only dream :)

curious servant said...

Once again, thank you.

Your comments are always so kind.

Pat Paulk said...

Amen!! It's suppose to be in the high 50's here.

trinitystar said...

I think we can draw lots of strength from both the sun and the son.
peace be with you.
Lucky that you live in the country.
hugs for you .

Gordon Cloud said...

This is a nice, cheerful thought. I hope you are recovering well from your fall.

Jim said...

Hi JEL -- Yes, how are you doing after your fall?
My dad used to tell me that "everybody falls once in a while." Then he wouldn't tell about his falls.
Mema either, except she fell where someone would see and tell us. Most of the time they even helped her get back up.
I like your sunflower.

BJ said...

Jel, Im so sorry to learn about your fall. I pray for you to have a speedy and full recovery. God Bless You Always. Love your post.



Godzheart said...

Wow, 50s...that sounds like so far away from the -2s..here.

Such a nice message on the picture.

Deborah and Sally said...

Oh, I like that a lot !!!

Ancient Wanderer said...

Did it hit the 30s today?


Beverly said...

That is a perfect photo for the thought that you expressed. It's wonderful to know that we can draw strength from His Son, even when our sun isn't shining.

jel said...

thank you for stopping by, hope you are staying warm :)

NF, CS, Pat,
thanks for the visit!
take care

Trinitystar, yes we can draw strength form both,
blessings to you,
and thank you , I love huggs, heres one backatya ((((huggs))))

gordon, thanks for the visit, and I'm feeling better, still a little sore,
jim,bj, godzheart,deb, beverly thank you !

AW, yes it was about 30 yesterday and today!

blessings to you all!

Terry said...

Jel, you certainly DO deserve some nice weather...That flower is so nice......Love Terry