Sunday, February 04, 2007

I'm posting this today, cause might not feel like it, for a few days,

One of them things happens when you an't watching, had just got home from church, and I fell and banged myself up good,

So if you don't hear from me , you will know i counldn't get out of bed in the morning! OUCH!!!!!!!!

you all take care ! Blessings


Terry said...

Oh Jel...I hope that you will be Ok. Did you have to get x-rayed?
I am always falling and hurting myself, and the only thing I think of is , "I hope nobody saw!" It can be so embarrassing!!
Keep in contact if your hands aren't hurt too!...Love Terry

Anonymous said...

Bro-in-law has to take better care of you! I hope you'll be ok.

grandpaw said...

Hello, Janice you know that old folks like me is the only ones that is supposed to do that ! I'm like Terry I always look around to see if somebody seen me ? Hope you are ok ? Grandpaw .

Ancient Wanderer said...

Ooops! :) Get better.


Beverly said...

I'm so sorry you took a fall. I hope that you haven't broken anything. Stay safe.

dot said...

Hope you are ok. Sounds like something I would do.
I like what you did with your Dad's picture in the last post. Really a nice photo!

Pat Paulk said...

OUCH!!!! is right. Hope you're ok.

David said...

Just an old friend stopping by to say hello. Hope you are okay after the fall.

Godwyn Lim said...

Hey Sister Janice,

Surely you are healed in Jesus name as the Lord said it is 'Finished'. Look away from the deceptions of the Devil but focus on perfect work on the Cross! Amen?!

I command in the name of Christ Jesus, from Head to Toe, from ceiling to floor, Jesus your broken body is for ALL our healing! Thank you that by Your stripes, by the beating You bore, by the lashes which fell on Your back, sister Jance in completely HEALED! Amen?!

Have a Bless week, thank you for being my Pillar of Fire while I'm feeling cold with all the Hugs u gave:-)

Miss ya! Praying for you like you always did for us! Love one one another as the Lord has first Loves us:-)

jel said...

hey ya, no broken bones , just sore ones, skined my keen up, and very sore arms, but I didn't looked around to see if any one saw me, I just layed there and cryed like a baby!

but I'll be ota! :)

Laymond said...

Well bless your heart, hope you get well soon.

Rulan said...

Ouch, Janice. That sure would hurt. Hope you feel better soon.