Friday, February 09, 2007

Have ya ever felt like this?


Pat Paulk said...

How can you not respond to a face like that?? Love it!!

mrsnesbitt said...


Anybody who visits my blog today and leaves a comment will have their name entered into a draw, then true to style three names will be picked out of a hat......not sure how,but it will be an interesting process.......

winners will receive a selection of my new ATC' first attempts, made because of the enthusiasm and passion people showed here,

Thanks all!
I also am approaching my 13,000th visitor.........I always give one of my bespoke cards to the visitor nearest the 13,000 more pressies up for grabs!

Terry said...

Dear Jel...What a fat little face this guy has?
Kind of reminds me of my fat face!!

One thing though at least even though he has the color of snow in his fur this not a SNOW picture!!

Bernie always figures if someone is treating you mean or misunderstanding you, then they are leaving somebody else alone!

Take care now Sunshine...Love Terry