Saturday, February 03, 2007

this is my dad, he loved the outdoor, he loved his mules :)

3 years ago, feb 4, we lost him!

and we miss him!


Corry said...

I am sorry, girl.
Even though our loved ones are so missed in this life, isn't it wonderful to know we will all be reunited for eternity?!:-)


God's Grace.

Anonymous said...

POP was a contented man! He told me just before he passed He wished he'd seen a Cardinal's game in person and he'd been able to make the Oregon Trail ride. To live that long and only have those two regrets is a life well led! We all miss him. I know for you who saw him everyday the loss is always there in the daily things you do. I still have the rooster cloth calendar up in my kitchen for 2004 and it will always be there for POP and the rooster!
Give MOM a hug for me tomorrow. I know it will be a hard day for her, too.

Ancient Wanderer said...

How old was your dad?


Bill said...

May the God of all comfort be your comfort and strength as you continue to grieve your father's passing.

Lovingly in Christ,

donna said...

Sending you a hug and one for your mom too.....Bless you!


Pat Paulk said...

We do miss 'em. Take care.

laymond said...

You run out of things to say when you visit, an art gallary sometimes you just stare in amazement.

Terry said...

Dear Jel...I just came home from a 29 hour shift..I was snowed in if can you believe it and the girl takng my place couldn't travel the highways cause of the blowing snow...

I feel so bad for your mom and you that your dad is not there anymore.
I don't think a person can get over something like that. If anything happens to my dad, it would be so heartbreaking because he is not saved yet.
It is just so nice that your dad is in heaven with Jesus.. Don't forget Jel...I have quoted my friends, Wess and Susan Adams so often..."You have not lost something when you KNOW where it is"!!
My thoughts are with you Jel and with the rest of your family...Love Terry

Greg said...

It's good that you miss him. My dad died about 17 or 18 years ago and I don't know that I've ever missed him. We didn't have a bad relationship, we just didn't have a relationship. Missing someone means there was love.

Anonymous said...

Lost my dad back in August (8). Lost mom in 2ooo. Now just Waiting to allow my kids to go through this life process, also:)

There are times of loneliness without them. Home life was not that great growing up. Dad was not a Christian. Mom was not not until sickness came. Dad taught me some great lessons about life, work, being a volunteer. He didn't teach how to treat a wife, children.

Good and bad feelings about dad. Glad that you have such good memories.

jel said...

it's good to hear from you :)

just me!


jel said...

I'm sorry you losted your mom and dad,
May I ask you what you mean by ( just waiting to allow your kids togo though it? my Dad didn't know God until he got sick.

if ya ever want to talk ,you can e-mail !
take care

Northern Farmer said...

Thanks for posting the photo my friend.

Carol said...

this picture of your Dad is so relaxing and peacefilled...