Monday, May 01, 2006

Hoping that this here
will brighten someone Day! :)

God bless!


Anonymous said...

This is really nice, it reminds me of the phlox we have growing in our flower garden.

Gordon told me I should take a look at this.

Amy Cloud

jel said...

Hi Amy, thanks for stoping by,
those are the flowers that my moms planted in front of her house,

I hear that you like the color purple, so I thought you might like this,

thanks again for stoping by,
take care and God bless!

bluecollar said...

Thanks for sharing your talents!


forgiven said...

Thanks For your Heart

jel said...

Hey Mark,
thanks, but it is from him, though him, and for him!
take care friend

hi forgiven, I like the name!
thanks for stoping by, come back anytime,
take care
God bless

Live, Love, Laugh said...

Thanks, I needed that. Seriously, it made me just stop for a moment and realize how we can get so caught up, we forget to stop and smell the flowers or to even notice the beauty of His creation and if He so cares for the lilys of the fields, how much more does He care for me. Thank you, I have been blessed by this simple yet profound post!

jel said...

I'm glad that this post, made you day ! God is very good!

hope you have a great day!