Sunday, April 30, 2006



Rulan said...

Beautiful. I want to go there and sit with my feet in the water.
May the Lord bless your week.

bluecollar said...

That is one very nice picture! Is that from around your house? I love your work.

Have a great week,Janice!

jel said...

Hi Rulan, friend, you have a great week!

Hey Mark,

that was taking on my one and only trip to New York! I still can't belive was there!

and thank you!

Joe said...

Thank you!

Thanks for the great picture, too.

bluecollar said...


Is that Watkins Glen? I live about 1 and a half hours north west of there.

jel said...

Hi Joe,
thanks for stoping by!

Mark, I think you are right, about it being Watkins Glen, we were there in 2003, some friends took us there it was an AWESOME place!
the storys I could tell on thet trip!

The Curmudgeon's Rant said...

Nice pic!

jel said...

Thanks David!

take care!