Thursday, May 18, 2006

When you look at this picture,

what do you see?

when I took this picture, I stood there in Awe, at God's handy work ! but when I got the film back and look at this picture,

I can see Jesus standing there, waitting for people to come and listen to him speak. there you are going to hear the Greatest Speaker that ever spoke! and as you find a spot on the ground,

you look around, and you see friend there, that you haven't seen in a very long time, you see people you have only talk to online , then there's Paul, John, Peter, Stephen! then the crowd goes quite. you look up to hear Jesus! and just as he begins.

you wake up! Oh man what a Dream!

but Guess what it don't have to be a Dream, it will happen if you just ask him ! to come live in my heart , make me whole !


bluecollar said...

Good thoughts,Janice!

jel said...

hey mark

good to see ya!

take care

Anonymous said...

I see God's beauty shining through. His imagination that is endless. That is a beautiful picture.

jel said...

Morning PJ,

welcome to my place,

God did make a beautiful spot there!

take care!

Rulan said...

What a lovely place to go to and spend time with the Lord.

Rose~ said...

It is a great picture and I was brought along with your imagination. How cool.

jel said...

Rulan, Rose, thanks for stopping by,

that will be cool!