Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Have a Great Day!


David said...

And you too. Mighty peaceful scene in that picture.

Joe said...

Beautiful soft picture!

jel said...

Thanks Guys, this one was taking on the road , from our trip to New York,

take care
God bless

jazzycat said...

Pretty scene,

byHisgracealone said...

In your travels to NY...were you ever in the Finger Lakes region?...south of Rochester is where I live...the sunset on my recent post was from a couple years ago.
God Bless

jel said...

hey jazzycat, good to see ya,
and thanks,
take care

hi Donna, and yes i was in the finger Lakes region. we were there for 2 days, and put a weeks trip in too 2 days of fun, and if we ever get to do it again, we are going to stay longer, it's a small world, we could have passed each other on the sidewalk somewhere!
too cool, thanks for stopping by,
take care