Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Wings of an Eagle!


M. C. Pearson said...

I love eagles...thanks for the great pix!

Cameron Cloud said...

Same here. Isaiah 40:31.

Rulan said...

I would love to see an eagle.

Michael Pendleton said...

Eagles have always amazed me.

Great Picture!

jel said...

I have been trying to get an eagle,picture for a very long time,
God smiled on me that day,

and I love that verse Isaiah 40:31

thank you all, my friends

God bless

Joe said...

A great, majestic bird!

bluecollar said...

Beautiful pictures!

I guess my 12 pound dog would not be safe in your neighborhood.

jel said...

That it, thanks Joe I was trying to think of that word ( majestic)
this morning and couldn't, the coffee hadn't kicked in let :)

hey mark, the eagle won't get it , but the coyotes might! :)
i live off in the woods!