Saturday, January 27, 2007

The storm had stop, the one good thing about this storm ( if you can call a storm good,) was that it didn't get on the roads, and you could still get around. So My husband, went back to work, and I kept the home fires burning . to pass the time, I took pictures, read my bible more , then I had been, and went for walks , to check on mom,

One Day everyone left for the day, and the lights came on. so I walked down to see how thing were at mom's , and on my way back , the sheriff drove up with the National Guard, checking on everyone in our county.
they were checking to see if we needed any thing , before the next storm got here! That was a first for me. Then the power went off again! we had it for 2 hours, when everyone came home , that nite , I don't think they believed me, when I told them what had happen that day!

well the other storm did hit , and hard but it was snow and it covered the ground fast ,
but it didn't last long ,
on the day that power came one , I went to bed and covered up my head , I had had enough!

but the power did come on , and we have a lot to be thankful for , the waterlines still work,
we had wood heat!
well now it is clean up time, and get ready for the next one , they say is coming in Feb.

Thank you for going with me on my journey,
Blessings to you all!


Beverly said...

Oh, my, that ice is incredible. I'll bet the dog's paws were cold.

Dee O'Neil Andrews said...

And I'm depressed because it has been raining most days lately on end! At least it is warm here in the house and I CAN get out if I want, it's just not very comfortable, you know? But nothing like what you've been through.

I'm so sorry it's been so bad there. Reminds me of that movie a couple of years ago where most of the U. S. iced up within a rapid period of time and the guy was trying to get to his daughter in the New York city library! The movie made you cold just to watch it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your words :).
It is good to actually hear from you and as always to see you (through your pics).

Anonymous said...

Lovely series of photos over the past several days, jel. Captivating!

Anonymous said...

That stuff is no fun!! We get more ice storms here than snow. They are definitely worse. Keep "Miss Bossy" warm!!

Saija said...

you did such a good job of sharing your photo's, plus the written story, that i sort of got to peek through a cubby hole into your icy world!

so glad the power is back on ... but i bet the you did get an unexpected blessing out of the whole thing!

God is good ...

Anonymous said...

Maybe we all need a storm like that to make us appreciate our electricity and heat!

Terry said...

Dear Jel..These pictures look like scenes from a science fiction movie.

So nice that you kept a good eye on your mom and so nice that the sheriff and the National Guard cared so much too.

I never realized that you were going through so much trouble.
All I KNEW is that everybody missed you!!...Love Terry

floots said...

well done for coming through it
makes the weather here seem tame
longest i've been without power is 3 days