Thursday, January 25, 2007

An monster of and ice storm came, and covered everything!
Saturday morning when we got up,it was a new world. The ice had covered all the trees and powerlines , and it just kept a coming ! Kept baring down putting more and more ice on until snap , down they came on at a time and then 2 or 3 at a time, and the wind was no help! then the power lines started to fall, and there went the power to the house, and there you are in the Dark and helpless, or so you think! We today are so hooked on the man made power that when it goes out , we feel that our lifes have stoped, no TV, pc, no play station, no phone, no way to cook , clean , no BATHROOM! We are so hooked that we have forgotten about the only Power that really matters here, God's Power!

When I saw the Trees bending over from the weight of the ice and the look of them, it brought to mind that this is what sin will do to you, weight you down!

At night the noise of the falling trees was so loud , and wouldn't stop!

*more on Friday!


Stoogelover said...

How can you be around that many trees and no bathroom?! :)

Bill said...

Wow! Excellent post! Great picture. Very funny man left first comment.

Blessings to you and yours,

Anonymous said...

I agree on the very funny man! lol

I bet the night sounds of the trees was horrible and nothing running to shut out the noise.

So true about sin weighing you down.

Terry said...

It would of broken my heart...the sound of those trees falling Jel
The same as I feel like what you said about things weighing people down and sometimes it is so hard to help them!
When I was weighed down a few weeks ago Jel, YOU helped me!! You are a blessing.....Love Terry

Saija said...

excellent analogy ... isn't that the way of sin ... rain looks harmless - but when it thickens to ice - well look out! just like "little sins" shouldn't hurt us, until we are almost broken under their weight ...

thanks for sharing those pics ... just beautiful, like the post!

curious servant said...

Beautiful and dangerous.

Thanks for the visit today.

I appreciate your kind support. My headache is better. Good enough to do a little more writing.

Take care sis!

Noel Lewis said...

Just goes to show how awesome God's power is --- you are able to put up posts without man-made power, without pc. :)

Rose~ said...

Hi Jel,
We had an ice storm here about 3 years ago and I remember this too:
At night the noise of the falling trees was so loud , and wouldn't stop!

It is really spooky, isn't it?