Friday, January 26, 2007

The days weren't that bad, because if the sun was shining!
The first 3 days we ( there were 3 of us working ) would see if we could it to the highway, we live way back from it, it didn't take us long , before we came to our first stop in the road. Saturday we worked for 3 hours cutting up trees to get to the highway, and we had to do this for 3 days cutting our way out, and it was kind of spooky doing it , you had to watch out for falling tree limbs, or the whole tree, the wind would start to blow, and the ice on the limbs would play a tune,
But when the sun went down, you would try to get things set before it got dark.
We would cook the food on the wood stove , a would light candles and listen to the raido, it was just like the Walton's

Didn't get alot of sleep, had to keep the Fire going. One night a louded crash woke us up, one of the trees fell on our house , But Thank The Lord no damage was done!


Corry said...

I always loved the close family-bond the Walton's had. I think many of our modern "gadgets" take away much of that. Maybe this power-outage brought some people closer together. There is a reason for everything:-) I wished it didn't have to be in such a cold weather and I am grateful y'all got power back.

It sure blessed you to take some wonderful pics!


Bill said...


My oldest son lives in Edmond, OK. Tomorrow, a group from his church is headed to southeastern OK to help with the cleanup.

Hopefully you are getting thawed out now.

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Beverly said...

Oh, my, I can't imagine what you must have gone through. The pictures are something else. Thanks for sharing them.

Pat Paulk said...

WOW, more adventure than I want!! Glad everything worked out ok, even with "bossy"!!

Stoogelover said...

Sounds like all you needed to complete the picture is a pack of hungry wolves circling the house! What an ordeal.

Anonymous said...

An ice storm is the only natural disaster I know of where you can loose power for a week and not loose your food stock.

Sounds like fun that you don't want to repeat real soon ;)

donna said...

Keeping you in thought and prayer...

Anonymous said...

Eight days! Glad you were able to keep warm and get through it safely. Wonderful photos. The storm caused alot of damage but it sure looks pretty. I really like the cardinals, we dont get them out here. They look so bright in the icey trees!

Jim said...

I'm glad you are getting things sraightened out again.
It is scary when the fire and the lights go out. I used to pull guard duty in shacks out in the desert when I was in the Army.
It was ok to sleep, but I kept the lights on because the rats would come in. In the middle of the night the generator would run out of gas and I would have to go out and refill it.
Not nice with no lights or fire to heat.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a terrible time! I'm glad the power wasn't off longer.

Anonymous said...

What amazing pictures. Thanks so much for your comments regarding how you are making it through it all. I think the most I have personally been without electricity is 24 hours, my mother-in-law was about 3 days but that was in the summer not winter. From your previous post your comments regarding how the ice made you reflect on God's power and the weight of sin were humbling and so true.

Dee O'Neil Andrews said...

Hey, girl!

You may have been without electricity, but you were not without power and your photos reflect that, as does God's hand in your own handiwork.

I'm glad you've got power back and also that you are feeling better health (depression) wise.

Cheers & Blessings!


P. S. We understand completely about the power being out for long periods of time from Katrina. That one was more than enough for a lifetime. I had to flee it myself and Tom had to endure it from within it. We couldn't return home to power for nearly three weeks and we were among the luckiest ones to have a home to return to!

Many blessings to you, again!

Terry said...

Jel.. Of course the sun was shining! It always is when YOU are there!! And you are always giving a fair share of it away too!!...Love Terry