Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Have a great day!


jel said...

just checking to see if this thing is on

Anonymous said...

Yeah, its on.
Moving slowly it is 42, raining, 100% humidity and just not nice out side. I haven't seen the sun in two days.

Now, as odd as it may seem with all of those variables- it feels like 30.


Paula Harrington said...

Love the picture. We're suppose to get snow here tomorrow night. We're excited!

jel said...

AW, will trade you your 42, for my 19 , and sun :)

hi Paula,
it is just could here,
that snow was back in Nov, of last year!

Anonymous said...


Terry said...

Dear Jel... I am going to send all of our snow to Paula H. and when it is gone, I will be excited!!

That little piece of sun on the tree will melt that snow!.........Love Terry