Saturday, April 08, 2006

Palm Sunday!


curious servant said...

Almost Easter.

All things made new.

Phyllis said...

I have a busy day at Church tomorrow. The Service, then a Baptism pool party afterwards. A great day to spend with our Lord.

jel said...

All things made new! AWSOME isn't it ! :)

thanks for stopping !

take care, God Bless

welcome, and thank you for stopping by :)
Yes, it sounds like it will be a great day to spend with our Lord!

stop by any time!
take care and blessing

curious servant said...

It is.

Awe some.

Rulan said...

Where would we be if not for our Lord? He is awesome.
God bless.

jel said...

WE would be very lost!

hey Rulan! thanks for stopping by!

M. C. Pearson said...

Wow. What a beautiful picture.

jel said...

thanks M.C. glad you like ya like it!

thanks for stopping by!

take care

Beverly said...

One of the great things about taking a trip in the spring is seeing the flowers and flowering trees. I especially enjoyed seeing the dogwood as we stopped along the way to Nashville.

jel said...

hi Beverly,

thanks for stopping by!

glad you made it back from your trip! :)


Martin LaBar said...

That's beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

jel said...

Hi Martin,
thanks, and Welcome to my place!
glad you could stop by!

I really liked your blog! I will be back by!
and your are welcome here anytime!

take care
blessings to you and your wife

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Beautiful picture.

Have you changed the template? It is very nice.

God Bless


Gordon Cloud said...

Very nice, dogwoods are one of my favorites.

jel said...

Hi Matthew, thanks
and yes I have, I have changed it 3 times already,

glad your back!

and blessing to you !

Gordon,hi and thank you, I thought it would be,

take care and God bless you and your family!