Saturday, April 01, 2006

This old hymn has been a comfort
to me, I hope it will be a comfort to
you too!

thank you Jesus!


Beverly said...

Thanks, Janice. That is very comforting.

jel said...

I glad that it is a comfort to you!

take care and God bless

curious servant said...

Thank you for the kind word. It may seem stupid, but really am a little nervous about this post.

jel said...

CS, how you feel, is not stupid,
I know nervous, I've been there,
but your friends are there for you,
I found this out,
so stand your ground, if God is for us who can be aganist us!

thanks for stopping by

take care and God bless

curious servant said...


I believe it to be wrong, but so many Christians are so narrow minded. Politically I am ambiguous about the parties. I agonize about my votes (I have never missed voting). But I do not care for the attitude that God is a member of the Republican party. (I'm sure he isn't a Democrat either!)

But these issues, issues I usually tip toe around, abortion, the environment, evolution, are really not worth our fighting each other over.

Thank you for seeing ME and not my views.

jel said...

I see you and not your view,because
that is how I want people to see ME!

friend! :)

Tom said...

Walk Around Me, Jesus is a song that was sung by Wendy Bagwell and the Sunliters. After Wendy died, I saw the song performmed on one of the GAither Homecoming videos by a woman from Wendy's group. Great song!

jel said...

Wendy Bagwell, was a Class Act!
I loved the storys he would tell!

thanks for stopping by Tom

take care, God bless