Friday, April 28, 2006

I don't know why, I called this a walk-about?
it was the first thing that poped in to my head,
I didn't really go anyway, but I did make alot of trips! I guess you could say I walked back into the past. I did learn alot , I learned that I come from a long line of pack rats! everyday for the last 2 weeks , I have been at my mom's, trying to clean out the 2 places ,that I called home when I was a child, and my teenage years!
the first house that we call the old house, I lived in until I was in the 5th grade, and then we got a mobilehome. Well anyway, sometime next week or so they will be history! and then they will put an new one u-p! I was feeling bad about this, but then it dawned on me this is not my home, my home is in heaven! What to do with 70 or so years of stuff? why do we keep things that don't mean anything , we keep things that we might need but we don't as I was going though mom and dad's stuff, it felt like I was going though the past, their past!it brought back alot of memories, some good and some not so good! I have gone though books, pictures, old papers, old jars, shoes, old newspapers! I have burned for 3 days, it is raining today, but as I was thowing stuff in the the fire, and the flames would lick at my arms it reminded me of hell and my sins!
and asking myself why would anyone want to live in the the lake of fire for ever?
When I got tired of burning I started hauling it off by the truck loads and it still not done!
as I was cleaning out, I found some of my old stuff, that i did when I was a teenager, I had a huge crush on the Statler Bros.! that is the picture i found, and when I thought of how old that picture was,I felt very old :(
Cleaning out mom's house, got me to thinking ( I have done more of that this week then I have in my life) I need to clean out my house, and not just my house, but My mind , my heart and soul,
take all the trash that is traped in there out and just keep what I really need and that is Jesus Christ. if I just keep my eyes on him , and fill up on his word there won't be any room for any trash!!!!


Cameron Cloud said...

Great thoughts! Thanks for sharing this personal experience. A trip down "memory lane" can prove to be very beneficial.


jel said...

Thank you Cameron,
I wasn't to sure about sharing this, it is hard for me to open up!

God bless!

The Curmudgeon's Rant said...

It sounds like you had a time of deep reflection, and the Lord showed you many things.

I'm glad you are back sister.

Rulan said...

wow. You have been very busy and it sounds like the Lord has shown you much. God is with you.
Great to have you back. Great post, my friend.

jel said...

Thanks you 2,

yes it was very deep, and I don't think it is over! The Lord showing me things,

it is good to be back!

God bless

Ron said...


I have not been on the blog in a while, but I wanted to stop by and say hello! You have a wonderful blog!

Grace and Peace to you,

Tom said...

Your post sounds very much like a Statler Brothers song! Lots of reflection to a day that once was - every one of their songs was like that. Probably my first southern gospel group that I liked.

Like your new moniker much better.

Godwyn Lim said...

Dear Sister Janice,

Amazing grace with amazing love...Bad past Good memory, when the Devil wants us to focus on our flesh, we focus & look at the perfect of Christ Jesus, on the Cross!

I'm Back:-)...Have a good week ahead!

jel said...

Ron, thanks for stoping by, take care of yourself! ota :)

God bless Friend

thanks, it does sound that way, doesn't it!
blessings to you and your wife

Brother Godwyn,
I'm glad your back,
take care, God bless you!