Wednesday, April 16, 2008

this picture here is from a trip that DH,myself,and some friends of our's took a few weekends ago, it's a cool spot in the country. in MO. It a place that sells seeds of all kinds, and other stuff too!

there was a man there showing how to make a rope, and a lady spining yarn. and there was some singing going on ! it was a fun day.


Robin said...

Interesting picture - makes me want to jump into the screen to check it out further. I love nature and the peace it brings. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Morning Girl.

<>< don ><>

photowannabe said...

I like this collage. That looks like a fun place to visit.

Greg said...

Doesn't do a lot for me, but my mother loved places like that and I took her as often as I could.

Tom said...

looks like a great place to be. I hope you all had a great time.


jel said...

hi all,
it was nice, but there were a LOT of people there, i'm not that much on BIG crowds!

oh and AW, liked your post today!

preacherman said...

Morning Jel.
Great photo like always.
I love your blog.
I want to thank you for your prayers it means so much sister.
Your blog has been such an uplifting experience for me.
I hope you have a great weekend.
Kinney Mabry

Tom said...

Lisa suggested that I tell you about my new photo blog. You might like it. I have a link to it from Children of Light.

Have a great day and keep taking pictures.


ron said...

Hi Janice,

Hope you doing ok ? We have a festival called Mule Day in fall of the year that has exhibits like these !

Did the earthquake roll you out of the bed this morning ?