Monday, April 14, 2008

something 2 bright~n your day!


Kathy said...

Thanks! It did brighten my day. I needed that!

ron said...

Morning Janice,

Just wanted to tell you that you brightened my day . Thinking about you and hope everything's ok ?

Btw- I wanted you to know I ain't throwed you away !

Anonymous said...

Howdy Girl,

Is that main picture your yard-art or just yard-art?


Neva said...

Beautiful Jel!

Thanks for brightening my day!


Greg said...

Nothing more "yellow" than God's yellow, is there?

Tom said...

When I die, I hope to die in the spring time. I would love for the flowers at my ceremony to be dandelions and buttercups. To most they are weeds, but to me they are perfect.


Tom said...

BTW Jel,
Thanks for stopping by to enjoy the "Cricket Chatter".


Anonymous said...

very pretty. i have scary pics up now but may post a pretty one later in the week.

sorry, I don't always comment. you beautiful pictures don't evoke smart-alecky comments, which is all I know how to do.

thanks for the fotos, sis

Robin said...


jel said...

hi all!

the moose picture was forsales , at a seed show we went 2 a few weekends ago! ;)