Thursday, April 10, 2008

A fun read,

Annie suffers from alcoholism,from a very young age, and from there she lived a very destructive lifestyle, but now she was on the road to better things, then she has a setback, and falls off the wagon, a whole year down the drain. she ends back at a nightclub,

this is where Corporal Shane Ross,

comes into the pictures, Corporal Ross , is base at Fort Riley, Kansas.

his unit is The Commanding General's Mounted Color Guard!

Shane was with his unit at the nightclub to Celebrat their Sergenat's engagment.

Annie and Shane met , then end up spending the night together.

fast foward 3 months, Annie is back on track or so she thinks

she is pregnant with Shane's baby! What will she do , will she tell him,if she does what will he do!

This is a very good read! Check it out!

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Robin said...

Precious Picture! I love to see men gazing with love at babies. Tenderness...