Friday, April 11, 2008


Tom said...

It's like the sky mixed with some ectoplasm; cool!

jel said...

Kindof like that! was going to putsome red glowing eyes, but couldn't get to look right!


Tom said...

Ooooo... red glowing eyes... cool.

Seriously, did you do this with Photoshop? You are a very good photog. I dabble a bit myself; nothing quite as artistically dramatic as yours. Thanks for stopping by my blog as well. I'll try to occasionally put up some photographs. Most of my pics are of family or the cranberry farm where I work. I do have some pretty cool shots of Cranberry Harvest.


Robin said...

cool picture :)

jel said...

Thanks, I got Picture It!

took one of my sky pictures and played with the colors, saw some of your pic. Tom and they were good!

hey Robin, thanks
hope all is well!

Greg said...

Did the world end where you live? Looks like it from that photo.

David Kirk said...

The aliens have landed! Some days I would welcome them! Have a great weekend!

photowannabe said...

Love the abstract watercolor look to this shot. Nice work.
Thanks for your kind comments on my post during this difficult time.

Mike said...

Hi Jel,

Yeah we did have some snow and sleet this morning. Sounds like it is going to get even colder too!

I love the sky, did you travel to another planet? :)

Hope you have a great weekend here in the Ozarks.


Dee Andrews said...

That is a really interesting and creative picture, Jan! Very different and I like it.

Much love,


Amrita said...

Real art work

Robin said...

Mark is back from Ethiopia and I will update on Daniel again as soon as they give me more info. He is scheduled for a 72 hour test at Children's Hospital soon.