Monday, April 28, 2008

a sign of SPRING!!!!


Beverly said...

Is that dogwood? Lovely, whatever it is. It's too hot for dogwood in my part of Florida so I always love seeing them along with the redbud and whitebud when I travel north during spring.

Greg said...

I have a love/hate relationship with Spring since it brings on the beauty only God could produce and the allergies only the devil could produce.

jel said...

hi bev,
and yes that is a dogwood!
thanks for stopping by!

hey Greg,
I know what ya mean , we have got it bad back here, allergies are BAD :(
take care!

Jim said...

I didn't know dogwood grew that far north. Of course ours was here in late February and early March.
I'm working on cell phone etiquitte rules for when driving cars.
For restaurants I came up with these:

1. Lay the phone on the table as soon as you sit down. This prevents so much annoyance to other patrons. Generally you can catch it on the first ring that way instead of fumbling through your pockets or purse to find the machine.
2. Talk no louder than you need. It is the loud cell phone talk that bothers other people. Besides loud talking disturbs others who are trying to use their cell phones.
3. Keep your conversation short.
4. Laugh quietly, not out loud! (LOL)
5. For an extended conversation or for more privacy go outside or to an unoccupied area.
6. Do not make unnecessary calls. A quick check on the kids, grandma, or your dog, and the like, is probably necessary now and then.
7. It is better to call while sitting in the restaurant than driving your car. This goes especially for text messaging (unless you have memorized the key placement and routine--like you did in touch typing).
(c. jimmiehov 2007)

(Not everyone likes these new rules.)

Calfkeeper said...

Gorgeous pics as usual Jel! The dogwoods are putting on a real show this year, aren't they?

jel said...

Glad to see ya had a safe trip home
Jim , hope ya had a good time!

hey CK, they are purty this year!

Robin said...


photowannabe said...

You have captured Spring. Beautiful composition JEL.

David said...

i am loving spring more after the big winter we had.

Like we love God so much when we know what he delivered us from.