Tuesday, April 03, 2007

have been cloud watching , and here is one of them,


rrbj said...

Janice that looks like some of them cold clouds that Terry and the other Canadian bloggers are sending our way ? They are jealous of our 55/85 degree temps. We are supposed to drop back to low 40's with a high temp of 70 degrees thursday night ? Beautiful picture and Blessings to you ! Ron.

Amy said...

I love to watch the clouds. This is a great picture. Blessings.

Corry said...

Wow! I see a woman lifting her hand to heaven!
What a wonderful picture. I am so glad you captured that. God truly blessed you. Your photos are so amazing.

Have a blessed day, dear sis. :-)


God's Grace.

Terry said...

Dear Jel...I had such nice thoughts when I came to see you and I gazed at these nice clouds in a beautfiul blue sky and my soul was full of sweet words for you but here I go and read that Ron's comments and it is not so!
Excuse me for a moment Jel..

Now...RRBJ...I was just on my own blog reading the kind thank yous from you about my sending you those cool breezes your way and here you are complaining to our Sunshine that I am of a jealous sort...Shame on you!!..Terry

Jel.... I am so sorry but my mood has changed.
For sure and it has, just like the changing weather!...Needless to say though Sunshine...I am so GLAD that you are back and this is some good picture!!...Love Terry

Brian Nicklaus said...

i love clouds, nice picts

dot said...

I love taking pictures of the always changing sky! Nice shot!

Thanks for visiting today!

Pat Paulk said...

You are right I do like this alot!! Perfect title!!

lisa leichner said...

Very cool picture, Janice. I love the different layers of clouds. What an amazing gift our Creator gave us!!

Thanks for visiting my friend's site today. Much love to you!! Lisa

Pia said...


Noel Lewis said...

just wanted to stop by and say thank you for thinking of me. You're awesome.

Ancient Wanderer said...

Hey Girl-
Just checking in.


jel said...

Thank you all for stopping by !