Thursday, April 12, 2007

all of the cloud pictures that you have seen, are real, I croped some of them, to show the clouds better, All I have add to some are the words.

Well y'all have a safe weekend. I'm behind in my reading . So I will see ya Monday! Lord willing and the crick don't rise!

Blessings & Huggs!!!!!!!!!


rrbj said...

Gonna miss your posts, don't forget to check in everyday . Blessings to you . Ron

Terry said...

Blessing to you too Jel you little darling you, you cloudy little sunbeam!!
All is well over here...YOU have a good weekend!..LOVE Terry

I think I will go down and bug that Ron!!

PS..This cloud has been the prettiest yet!
All cloudy at the bottom and yet so bright at the top!

Corry said...

Gonna miss ya! :-)
Have a blessed weekend, sis.


God's Grace.

lisa leichner said...

do you see anything is this one, janice?

Hope you have a good weekend!

Laymond said...

looks like the top of Mt.Hood peeking through the top of those clouds. when I visit my daughter I can see Mt.Hood from her front porch. God bless and happy reading

Pat Paulk said...

Janice these have been beautiful. You have a great weekend too!!

Godwyn Lim said...

Wow Sister Janice,

It's amazing how you describe all the clouds.

The wonder of nature, God's creation!

Have a great weekend!

lori said...

I love all of your cloud pictures. They show us what our great and awesome God has created.

Have a great weekend yourself and I'll see you Monday.



carol said...

I love your cloud pictures, they each tell a different story, just magnificent..

Jim said...

This is a very nice exhibit, JEL. They are all so majestic.

SiouxSue said...

Beautiful, Jel. Clouds are fascinating, aren't they!

Saija said...

you guys really have gotten quite some cloud formations! you inspired me to go take pics! :o)