Thursday, April 05, 2007


Pat Paulk said...

What a wonderful shot!! Hope in the midst of a storm.

dot said...

That one makes me want to run for the storm cellar. If I had one! Do you?

Saija said...

this one makes me think of the resurrection happening - after the cross ... cool!!!!

and i loved the "angel with attitude" !!!! cloud watching is something i really enjoy too!

blessings on ya!

Kc said...

Janice, I really enjoy the cloud pics (Well, I enjoy them all). Corry had to show me the picture in the first one but I think I'm up to snuff now (hehe).

I see the old man's face to the right in this one. The moon shines on one side of his face and he has huge eyebrows and a long puffy beard.

How'd I do? ;-)

Corry said...

At first all I saw was the light peaking through and it reminded me of having faith and God's constant love and provision, even during tribulation.
Kc had to point out the face in it. I didn't even see that!

Very nice shot, sis.


God's Grace.

Terry said...

Oh Jel....This IS a dark one...
You, Sunshine, are not doing your job!!!
Very pretty indeed but dark!!...Love Terry

rrbj said...

That is awesome , He looks like He is fixin to speak and time is running out ? Sinners come to Me before its to late ? Blessings. Ron.

jel said...

WOW, you Guys are good!
At first, I thought, OF Jesus on the cross. but then the more I look at it, I see more!

Dot, we did have but it leaks bad!

Sorry Terry, I'm not sunshine, I'm just me,

tank ya all for telling me what ya thought!

Anonymous said...

Janice -

I can see now why you're wanting me to run my Finding Direction summer photo contest with clouds as the theme, girl! You did just great in the winter contest and I can tell you're gearing up already for summer!

I know with all of your photography you'll be entering the Finding Direction contest no matter what the theme is and I'm really looking forward to that!

Cheers & Blessings to you today! And don't get too cold!


Paula Harrington said...

Great pic.
Hope you also have a wonderful weekend. It's gonna be in the 20s here! Brrrr.

Send me some pictures of warm sunny beaches :)

Anonymous said...

Jel-These cloud musings are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. These (and all of your nature photos)are more proof that the creation points to the Creator.

Anonymous said...

This one is great. I think you folks need to look at Michelangelo's Creation and rethink this one.

God on the left reaching out to man on the right.


Jim said...

"Behind every dark cloud there is Hope shining through."

Aurora Antonovic said...

This is beautiful.

Gallagher said...

What an awesome picture! May I use this in a Powerpoint lesson?