Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Laymond said...

thanks for coming by my place. great picture, I don't always leave a comment but I always look, sometimes I just don't have the words to describe your pictures. I hate to say great great great over and over.

jel said...

Thanks Laymond,
and a Hi , how are U would do :)
but that ok , ya don't have to say anything!

Cause I ain't got much to say myself!

Corry said...

Those colors!!! Wow.
Another great pic from a great lady! :-)

God's Grace.

S.O. said...

Enjoyed you last 3 pictures. The fourth was a tough one. This Sunday I am going to preach my first sermon about abortion. pray for me. I want to say what is right. I want to exalt The Lord and lift up the unborn.

jel said...

will be, but if The Lord has layed this on your heart, to preach, then he will give you the words to said!

I'm glad you like the pictures, and the 4th one was a hard one for me to put up,


Terry said...

Dear Jel...Those birds look so peaceful.
I love this picture!...Love Terry

grandpaw said...

Good morning Janice , just checking on you cause I hadn't seen where you left any "huggs" this morning ! good country picture too ! Blessings. Grandpaw.

Jim said...

This is your Wordless Wednesday post?
I'll guess "Kids flying uniform kites in the forest, above the trees."

Pat Paulk said...

This is gorgeous!! where did you take it from?