Monday, March 06, 2006

we don't take to many trips,

but when we do, they are trips to us anyway!
about 3 years ago, we thought we would go see
some friend up in New York, Corning that is,
for the weekend, it was fun, if we ever do it again
we will take our time to do it! had a great time,
I took 14 rolls of flim that weekend! Did I every
tell ya I love to take pictures :)
we went up in the fall , and it was a dream,
this picture was at one of the parks that we went to!


Tom said...

Thanks for visiting Blessings, Jel. How did you ever find me?

jel said...

hey tom, I think it was gordon's bog, but don't quote me on it! :)

thanks for stopping by here

byHisgracealone said...

Nice to see you blogging. Thanks for stopping by Janice...I am finally back on blogger.

Gordon Cloud said...

I could sit by a waterfall like that for hours and not move or say a word.

jel said...

I know what you mean,Gordon!

Rulan said...

What a beautiful place to sit and dream. There's something about water that calms the spirit.
It's good to see someone else who loves taking photos.