Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Shake Hands


bluecollar said...


Did you write that?

I just went through some of your posts. You are one talented artist with those photographs!

Bless you!

jel said...

hey Mark, glad you stoped by, and thank you :)

no I didn't write it, it is and old hymn that we sometimes sing at church, I like the old hymns, and I like to find pictures to go with the words.

the talented is from God, and I like to share what he has done.

stop by anytime, take care
God Bless


Stoogelover said...

jel: I like the way your blog looks! I read Tom's blogs often, as well as some of his links. I'll be back to visit here as well.
By the way, the "Stoogelover" moniker is a long story but suffice it to say if you were to visit my office, you'd pretty much walk into a shrine to the Three Stooges, but there is a neat story behind it all. If you go to my archives and find the July 1, 2005 post, it will explain.
Later ... gotta get back to sermon prep.

jel said...

Howdee Greg, hope you don't mind if I call ya that, and not your bog name? I like the 3 stooges and Curly was my fav. too!

glad you came by, and your welcome here any time, and thank you
take care and God Bless