Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Amazing Grace

Have you ever heared Amazing Grace, played

by the bagpipe? I t is AWESOME (I love that word)

I have always loved that old hymn, we have sung it in church so many times, Did you know that there was a story behind that song? I didn't , if I did I forgot it! well I'm here to tell ya there is :) . and it is a book that I'm reading now, and it is (CAPTURED by GRACE ) by David Jeremiah.

The Book is about 2 men that were CAPTURED by GRACE. The lyrics to Amazing Grace were by John Newton, and the words from the APOSTLE Paul! THIS IS A MUST READ!!!!


Beverly said...

I just have been listening to Dr. Jeremiah giving these messages. I was especially struck by the story of John Newton.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

jel said...

Hi Beverly,
I listen to him in the mornings,
I was in awe myself! about the man,
John Newton.

thank you!
you take care and God bless

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I too have been listening to Dr. Jeremiah's messages. I get him a 6 AM and then again in the evening. John Newton's story is certainly worthy of remembering.

Besides, bagpipes always make me cry!

jel said...

Howdee Bonnie, hope you are well,

I listen to Dr.J at 8:30am, and if I remember again at nite at 7:30

yes John Newton have a story to remember, no more so then Apostle Paul's story!

thanks for stopping by have a great day!
take care and God Bless :)

Tom said...

I remember David Jeremish back when he was a local pastor at Blackhawk Baptist Church in Ft. Wayne Indiana.

Many years ago PBS did a great documentary on the hymn Amazing Grace. If you can find it, you will be moved, trust me.

Tom said...

Sorry, I didn't check for typos. David Jeremiah, not Jeremish.

bluecollar said...

Thanks Janice for your blog. You are very talented and seem to have a very sweet walk with Jesus.

Bless you sister!

jel said...

Howdee Tom,
bet that was that was very cool to get to hear DR.J speak in person! :)

and thanks for stopping by.
please tell your wife howdee from me, a pray that she is getting better

hey Mark
thanks for the wonderful comments.

in good times and bad times to walk with JESUS is VERY SWEET!!!

thank you for stopping by,
take care and God Bless

Stoogelover said...

Yes, that is a wonderful story. Have you ever heard the story behind the songs, "It Is Well with My Soul" or "A Shield About Me"? Awesome (since you like that word!) stories.

The Curmudgeon's Rant said...

AWESOME post today!

jel said...

hey you 2 AWESOMe is a cool word:)

howdee Stoogelover, thanks for stopping by, I will have to check those 2 books out. Thanks.

Curm, Brother it is good to see you out and about :)

thank you God for these friends of mine

Joe said...

This is really nice.

I have looked back over your "My Place" blog and have really liked it.

I also looked at your pictures.

You have some real photographic talent. The pictures drew me in.

I have taken the liberty of linking to you, if you don't mind.

byHisgracealone said...

It's been fun watching your blog develop....and grow...although I am not one who comments often...just wanted to say you are a blessing to the blogsphere....


jel said...

Hi Joe,

and thank you, that would be super,

thanks for stoping by,

God has blessed me so much, i can't thank him enough!

and Donna,
thank you for stopping by and for the warm welcome!

take care
and God Bless

curious servant said...

It' a powerful story.

jel said...

CS, glad you stopped by,
did you get to read the book?

AWESOME story! :)

praying for you and your family!

God thank you for CS and his family

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

I am not much of a bagpipe fan, but it is a good hymn.

God Bless


jel said...

hi Matthew, glad you could stop by.
and thanks.

it is a great old hymn, any way it is played! :)

Lord please watch over my friend here thank you!

Godwyn Lim said...

Dear Sister Janice,

I didn't know that, now I do:-) I love the Hymn Amazing Grace how sweet the sound...

Have a good week ahead! God Bless!

jel said...

Brother Godwyn Lim,
good to hear from you, I pray you are well! yes it is an Awesome song!
thanks for stopping by!

take care God Bless,
Lord please watch over Brother Godwyn, thank you!

Rulan said...

When I was a child, we lived in a bush clad gully in the city. One evening, at dusk just as the pale blue and pink sky grew darker, way off in the distance someone began to play the bagpipes.
The song they played? It was Amazing Grace and it's beauty on that night, haunted me for many years until I finally gave my heart to the Lord.

Great post, my friend. God bless.

jel said...

Rulan, my friend,and sister
it is good to hear from you,:)

what would have been somthing to hear just as you were going to sleep,
thank you have a gerat day!

take care and God bless!