Saturday, March 04, 2006

Have ya, ever

seen something that looked so good
on the out side , that it just had to be as
good and as sweet, on the inside?
you just had to have it.
But then you got it, and found out that
is wasn't true, it was as bitter as sin,
on the inside!

Or you see something that's not so good looking
and you think it's not worth the time of day!
but somthing changes your mind and you look a little
deeper, and the deeper you looked the better
looking it gets.

Just like in this picture of some persimmons ,
if your from the country, you will know what
I mean when I say this.
when you look at this picture, which of these
persimmons would you, think would be the best
to eat? The big filled out ones, or the not so filled
out ones?
Well I'm sorry to say , if you picked, the big one ,
you are in store for one bitter taste!
but if you picked the one not that wasn't so
filled out , you are in for a treat for it is the
sweetest thing you have ever tasted!

Just as the old saying goes,
you can't judge a book by it's cover!


Gordon Cloud said...

This is a great object lesson. Your blog is really looking nice.

jel said...

Thanks Gordon,
that means a lot to me! :)

Joe said...

Thanks for coming by my blog. Come on back any time. It's a real mix of serious and not serious stuff.

I've read back over your work. Though you say you are not a writer, you do a pretty good job of it!

Looks nice. too!

curious servant said...



fond memories.

Pastor Jim said...

Hey jel,

This really brought back memories. When I was a child we had a couple persimmon trees in our yard. I wasn't big on eating them, but I threw my fair share at passing cars. I feel bad about it now, but it sure was an adrenaline rush as a seven year old.

jel said...

Hey PJ,
sure good to hear from ya, praying things are well with ya,and family :)
thanks for stopping in,
take care

Rose~ said...

Great thoughts! I have not tasted a persimmon, maybe sometime I will.