Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My home away from home!

This is the house that I spent most of my childhood!
this was my grandmaw's house, she was very
special, she did all her cooking on a woodcook stove.
she was in her 80's and still cutting the wood for her cook
stove. I miss her , and her cooking, she could bake sugar
cookies so big and light that they would mlet in your mouth!
And if you came for a visit, you had better belive that you will
get fed, because it was for shore, that if you didn't you would hurt
her feelings! I don't remember my grandpaw, he died when i was little,
in fact i don't remember my other grandpaw, and I miss not knowing them.
But I had both of my grandmaw's , one lived in the country, and the other
in the city! so I got a dose of both lifes! And I loved them both :)
but they are both gone now, but I will see them again one day!


M. C. Pearson said...

Yeah, I miss my grandparents too. I'm really glad that my kids will know my parents very well growing up with all of us living together! I'm so excited!

jel said...

hey m.c. was just by your place,
sorry you have been under the weather, thanks for stopping by!

grandparents are special!

you have a great day!

God bless

jazzycat said...

Nice thoughts. I can barely remember the old wood stove that my grandmother cooked on in S. Mississippi and the old ice box where the ice man would bring a block of ice to put in it...

jel said...

hi jazzycat, how's it going ?
I still have that woodcook stove :)

my mom had a fan that you had to put a block of ice in it, to make it work

? for you and m.c. did anyone of you see the pictures that I put in this picture, one if of me and one of my grandpaw and grandmaw :)

Pastor Jim said...

I have one grandparent left. My mom's dad. He's an old country boy from southern Ohio. His wife died about four years ago, now. I really miss her. My other grandma died six years ago, and my grandpa died about 23 years ago, so I didn't know him that well, but I miss them all.

Way off the subject here....I just read you like bluegrass! My wife and I went to the Grand Ole Opry last year and Alecia Nugent (believe that is her first name) was there. She was great!!! A lot like Alison Kraus. Have you ever heard of her? Nugent, that is. I grew up going to bluegrass festivals with my parents. Once I got into middle and high school I thought I was too cool to go. I enjoy them again, now.

Take care!

jel said...

PJ, good to hear from you, hope you all are doing well! :)


I like bluegrass, I havn't hear of Alecia Nugent. but I have heard Alison Kraus, and she id=s very good. I'm stuck in the past when it comes to music, like Lester Flatt, Bill Monroe, Jim& Jesse(the mandolin man) I love that song :)
when I was in high school, I was in to rock. but I went back to my Country roots, Branson is as far as I have been to the Opry :)
thanks, for dropping by!
take care and God Bless :)

Rulan said...

Cool memories to have. Makes me think I should post a few of my own.
Looks like you're having fun with the blogging. Keep it up.

jel said...

Hi Rulan, thanks
it is fun! :)

take care and God Bless

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Lovely photograph.

Is that in Missouri?

I should very much liek to see Missouri one day.

God Bless


jel said...

yes it is,and thank you. I think you would like missouri! Matthew,

thanks for stoping by :)

take care and God Bless

Stephen Newton said...

I love your granny's home in the snow, it's a great picture. But is that a ghost in the foreground?

My gram lived in a little shanty on a migrant worker camp where my grandfather worked until she saved enough to buy a little house. I spent summers with her and the shanty was filled with so much love, I never once thought it was anything but a palace.

jel said...

hey Stephen,
you are only one told say anything about that, it is a picture of me, and if you look real close you will see a picture in the trees on the right of grandmaw and paw!
I live in my grandmaw's house now!
and love it!
thanks for stoping by .
take care and God bless

Rulan said...

Oh wow, very sneaky. :) I had seen that white ghost thing as well, but was rushy off somewhere so didn't ask.
Cool idea. And fancy hiding your Grandparants in the tree. Lots of fun. I'll have to start looking more closely at your pictures. he he

jel said...

so did you like that, i like to do stuff like that, when I was akid i love to do those picture that they would hide pictures in the pictures and you would have to find them. I might do that again,
what do you think?

God Bless

Gordon Cloud said...

Nice post. Whenever I see an old house like that, I always think, "If those walls could talk". I'm sure you had a lot of happy times in there. You made my mouth water when you talked about those sugar cookies.

jel said...

hey gordon,
yes if this house could talk, I would say it could fill 3 good size books, I have tryed to make her cookies but could never get close. I think what made them some good was that they were made in a wood cook stove, but the biggest part was that they were made with a grandmaw's love!

thanks for stoping by!
take care and God Bless