Monday, February 06, 2012

wild goose chase

today was a pruty day, esp  for this time of year,
so dh and I went to the lake, to see if we could  get some pictures of  eagles,  but eading up on a wild goose chase  :)     it was a very good day!


David Kirk said...

Glad you were able to see some geese!

john malone said...

they are terrific pictures, esp the sewcond one: that must have been so hard to catch. btw I love your new blog pic. Where is it?

jel said...

hey David K,
good to hear from ya! and thanks

thank John M, got lucky or blessed, we stopped to take picture of a tree and saw these!

and the blog picture is of
Pomme Deterre , it's one of the big lakes in Missouri.

john malone said...

it's a very haunting body of water. the sort of lake you'd expect to find in the Ozark writings of Danile Woodrell [ Winter's Bone' and 'The Outlaw Album' [. Have you read any of his work?

jel said...

hey John,
no I havn't read any of his work let.

john malone said...

check out the film 'Winter's Bone' made last ye\ar, I think. It won a number of prizes.

and that lake, it looks so grey and washed of colour and sort of lonesome; does it usually look like that? it's beautiful in a sort of haunting way