Sunday, February 26, 2012

Feb 25,2006

it has been  7 years ,  since I started  bloging.
and this one of the first pictures  that I posted.
alot of changes have been made, and alot of people,
have come though here.  some have stayed , but alot
have gone. and  I miss them.  

Like  I said, there have been a lot  changes here.
I have gone  from 1 blog too 3.

Time goes by fast,    TOO FAST!


john malone said...

I didn't even know they had blogging back that far ago. You must have been one of the first.

I also have lost some friends along the way but looking back over the two years I've been blogging I've kept all but two who I have just paid a cyber --- do they still use that term? --- visit to so we will see :)

john malone said...

another one of my blogging friends -- Carolyn Cordon --- also runs three blogs but she finds it is two too m\any. Do you sometimes consider going back to one blog or two at the most?

Hudson Howl said...

Was following the comments on John Malone's Blog. So being the nosey parker I am, I made my way over.

john malone said...

I left a comment on this. Where did it get to? What I said, I think, is thatyou would have accumulated a few loyal readers over that time

jel said...

thanks for stopping by Hudson Howl,
ya got a cool name.

hey John M.
blogger has been here a long time,
and it was fun.

I have thought about going off line a lot of times. but then
I wouldn't have any where to go!

john malone said...

I'm glad you're still online.

And I am glad Hudson Howl dropped by too. I never said it before but you're right: he has got one cool name :)

jel said...

the power has been out because of the storm.

Saija said...

congrats! i've been blogging about the same time ... it is amazing the folks who do come and go from our blogging life, glad we still visit each other - you are a blessing, your pics are so cool too!

jel said...

yep I'm glad too!

Calfkeeper said...

Glad you are still blogging jel. Hope all's well with you.