Tuesday, February 14, 2012


There was a knock at my door today,
and when I opened it , there was a snowman standing there.

He asked if I would take a picture of him and his sweetheart?

Since it is Valentine's Day, I said sure,
just let me get my camera.
But by the time I found it. 
They were getting a little short, and mad.



Beverly said...

Cute one, Janice. Have a good day.

Jim said...

That's a nice little story, JEL.
It won't pay them to get too short and mad because that is something that very few snowmen recover from. :)

john malone said...

cute photo and cute story

jel said...

hi Beverly,
thank you, hope all is well your way! huggs

hi Mr.Jim, this is true ! hope you and Mrs.Jim had a very nice day yesterday.

Hey John M. ya know me was trying to bee funny! :)