Monday, February 13, 2012

we got snow!

the first snow of winter , here anway.

click on the picture , and yyyyyyyou can see some birds filling up at the station!

well I got my snow pictures for the winter, I'm good, bring on spring! :)


john malone said...

it's a great shot; I bet those birds are grateful' you have spring just around the corner; we have autumn --- what a topsy turvy world :)

Jim said...

I like your snow. The birds too. :)
You took a very nice picture of them.

I recognize he cardinals that are all red. I don't know what the others are. I hope they get a turn at the station also.

John Dobbs said...

I LOVE CARDINALS! Wow...what a beautiful picture!

jel said...

Cardinals are bout my fav. bird!

thanks guys

and yes, John M.
it is a topsy turvy world!!! ;)