Thursday, July 05, 2007

a repost,


Don said...

Mornin' jel

An oldie but a goodie :)

jel said...

Morning Don,
hope y'all had a good 4th!

morning S.O. & LB.
LB is ya well?

have a great day!

aurora said...

One of my favourite Bible verses, and a great shot to go with it.

preacherman said...

Yes we had a great 4th. Great post this morning. I love it. I hope you have blessed day.

rrbj said...

Morning Janice,

Got you a cup of coffee poured . Ain't got no grandchildren today, they will be back tommorrow . Hope you had a blessed 4th of July ?


laymond said...

jel, some things are worth repeating :)

Godwyn Lim said...

Hi Sister Janice,

Thank you for your concern! My sister is better but at times she still relapse in pain.

I'm sorry I haven't blog for a long month but always highly encourage by your lines each time you left on my blog!

You are such a blessing to me:-) Thank you for keeping my family in prayer!

Trying to balance time, work & family with blogging!

May the Lord Bless & keep you & your Family!

Miss you heaps! I remembered this visual, one of my favorite scripture truth!


photowannabe said...

Sometimes the waiting is the hardest. Knowing the Lord's wings are there to life me up keeps me going.
Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the picture and scripture, Janice. That's one of my all time favorite scriptures (along with Romans 8:28). I LOVE it!

Hope you're having a good day. Tom is home this afternoon sleeping because he's been feeling really bad with a cold and feeling really achy the past couple of days.

Much love to you! Dee

of Finding Direction

Janice Thomson said...

This is indeed beautiful Janice. The words are so appropriate for the lovely picture.

Pat Paulk said...

Amen!! Very good!!

Lori said...

This is one of my favorite verses.

Corry said...

Love this post!

It's often patience that is so hard to practice, but even in that God can and will help. :-)

Sorry for the delay in the communication, but we have sick kids over. Hope to get around to it today! :-)


God's Grace.

Mike M said...

Just as good a second time around!!

Terry said...

Your favorite verse again Jel!
Never grows old does it?
Have a great week!..Love Terry