Friday, July 20, 2007


preacherman said...

Good morning.
That looks like the storms we had last night at our house. :-) I thank God for the rain that we have been getting. Great shot of the storms. Jel, I hope you have a great weekend.

passing-thru said...

Just posted below on your book
Lord Bless Jel

jel said...

hay Preacherman,
thanks for stopping by,
it was storm clouds, but we didn't get any rain, went to town today and it rained like crazy on us, but when we got home no rain!
hope you are doing good, and you and your family have a great weekend!

thanks for stopping by passing-thur,
and I really like the book, it's got a great message in it!
blessing to you !

Terry said...

Dear Jel...I am so tired and these clouds are telling me that I better go to sleep!
Take care...Love Terry

rrbj said...

Evening Janice,

Just wanted to say the clouds that came over my house today looked just like that one.

But all we got was a sprinkle , but 6 miles south east from me they got about 2 inches of rain ?

Wishing you and Stan a blessed weekend !


Anonymous said...

keep looking up!

Pat Paulk said...

Awesome shot!!

David said...

i see a rider, on a horse, headed east( left) being pursued by a bison
What do others see?

Janice Thomson said...

You certainly get good cloud shots them all.

jel said...

I sea a very big wave, about to crash into a boat! :)

thank you janice, (at times I feel like I'm talking to myself,
ya feel that?) :)

thank U pat. :)

nancy: huggs :)

well Ron,
ya got more than we got :)

sweet terry,
hope ya got a good nights rest! :)

donna said...


thank you


Neva said...

I love this kind of sky. It makes me marvel at how great my God truly is. I can almost feel His power when I look at clouds like this. Beautiful, Jel!


Mike M said...

The calm before the storm. Great picture!!