Tuesday, July 10, 2007


photowannabe said...

Good cloud framing of the picture. I like the grey tones.

jel said...

hey photowannabe, how are ya,
the gray tones was a storm coming though! :)

rrbj said...


That old bear on the left of picture looks like he's growling ?

I hope you are enjoying VBS, I know I enjoyed ours .


jel said...

morning Ron,

yep, am enjoying VBS,

have a great day!

lisa said...

I love your cloud pictures, Janice!! Hope you're having a good week!!

Don said...

morning jel

Anonymous said...

That IS a great cloud picture, Janice. Good work. As usual.

And the clouds on the left do look like a bear.


Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

Oh, Jel, that's beautiful!

jel said...

hi Lisa,

yep, have a good week!

how is ya?

jel said...

afternoon Don. :)

jel said...

Hi Dee,

guesss it does look like a bear,

at first thought it looked like a BIG CRAB :)

jel said...

hey sue!
thank you!

Matthew said...

A thin place, my friend.


Matthew said...

A thin place is any place on earth that helps you connect to God. The ocean is one for me.

Saija said...

everytime i take a cloud picture myself ... i think of you ... :o)

Bob Bliss said...

Looks a little like the afternoon sky today here in Central Florida. I never tire of looking at our Central Florida sky. God always has a good one to brighten my day.

Lori said...

Great picture Jel!

jel said...

thank you
that is a new one on me, that is cool! guess that the clouds are one for me!

that is sweet of ya to day!
hope you a Leo are well :)

thanks for stopping by,
ya should have seen the cloud here last night , my husband and Isat outside and watch them till dark!

jel said...

Morning Lori,
how are ya,
thanks for stopping by!

Terry said...

You know what Jel?
I have so enjoyed your cloud pictures that I have convinced Betty's husband, John to take a bunch of them.
He is having all kind of fun with it and it is so incredible how good those pictures are turning out!...Love Terry

Janice Thomson said...

You always have great pictures Janice...always love coming by to see them.