Monday, July 02, 2007


A/W said...

That looks like downtown "where my parents live" only the store is still open :)

Great picture.

jel said...


it was a cool store, was sad
this across the river from me!

if this store could talk, it could say alot!

and thanks
have a great day!

preacherman said...

Cool photo.
Looks like an old general store I think my wife would love to go into to shop for her grandmother.

I am feeling much better and have a new post. Thank you so much for your encouragement.
You have such talent.
God bless you as you continue to use your ablitiy to put your talent into photo, and art.

Corry said...

I would love to shop around in that little store.

Windyville, huh? Windyville, cloudy and stormy! grin.

(((HUGS))) dear sis.

God's Grace.

photowannabe said...

Love the lonely old feel to this shot. It represents a by gone era. Nice technique.

dot said...

Love your photos!

Anonymous said...

that is great! thanks for sharing it

Bob Bliss said...

A monument to a history unknown by most of us.

Jim said...

You took your picture early on, comparatively.
See this one, it has slipped a lot:

jel said...


thank you, am glad ya are feeling better, went and checked out your post, and it was very good,

and I think your wife would have liked to have stop there, it has some cool stuff there at one time!

jel said...

Corry,photowannabe,dot, and brian,
thank you for stopping by!
have a great day!

thanks for stopping by, it is sad to see small town stores sat empty,
it use to have a post office next to it to!
take care

hey Jim, good to see ya around, how did things go with your knee yesterday?
and thanks for the link to that pictures, went and checked it out,
and that is a picture of the first store of windyville, acrossed the highway for this store, and it has a story of it's own!

Pat Paulk said...

I love old buildings like this. Would love to sit and listen to all its old stories.

Mike M said...

Another great picture!!

Janice Thomson said...

A neat old building with a grand history I'll bet. Do you know much about it Janice?

jel said...

it would take a book to tell! :)

lisa said...

Hi Jel!!! Missin' you. Hope you had a wonderful anniversary with your love.

S.O. said...

Jel, Allow me to get in touch with A/W/Don
Brother don't give it up! You have done a great work with your blog. Preaching and preachers will never be understood.
Thanks Jel


Jel ... you are awesome with a camera. Wish you could give me some lessons.

Bill said...

This is definitely off-topic. But I wanted to take a moment to say I hope you are having a great Fourth of July with family and friends!

May God’s richest blessings be yours,
Spiritual Oasis Blog

hebrews 11:1 said...

Happy Independence Day!

From a fellow American,
Lil Pilgrim Pal

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the picture, Janice! Thanks!

Hope you and your husband are having a happy 4th!


jel said...

Hi everyone,
hope ya all are have a great 4th,

we are doing yard work, and then are going to sat out and watch the fireflys light up tonite,

thanks for stopping by!

Don said...

Thanks for the heads up.
S.O.- Just trying to keep myself from myself. This blogging thing can get strange at times.

Thank you for letting us contact :)

jel said...


laymond said...

jel, "windyville" sounds like a good name for my blog. hope you had a great time watching the "lightning bugs" we don't have many around here, but I used to chase them when I was a kid in Arkansas. may God bless

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Psst...don't forget tomorrow is Pilgrim's birthday (Sat. the 7th)...pass it on please...

hebrews 11:1 said...

Sorry,'s the 9th, Monday...pass it on, please...

floots said...

looks as it it was a fine place