Thursday, August 24, 2006

Jesus is coming soon!

Want to be certain you are going to Heaven?

then just say.............

just say in your own way , now

Jesus forgive me for my sins.

Thank you for dying for my sins.

Please come into my Heart and Life .

I surrender my life to your will.

Did you do it?

Then He is in your heart and life to stay!

Rev 3:20


Rulan said...

Great post.
Lovely picture.

Anonymous said...

Nice going Jel. I can hear the tree rejoicing God. In that sun light. Be Blessed

Jim said...

Both the bear with angel dolly and the tree fit their texts very well.
I like your pictures.

Pat Paulk said...

Yes ma'am!!

lori said...


Anonymous said...

Keep on shining for Jesus! Keep on... :)

Anonymous said...

Jel. Have'n some problems with my email if you are trying to email me it ain't getting through. You can email me at this location God Bless

curious servant said...


I just dropped by to visit.

I saw your comment over at David's this morn.

I pray that the lord grants you that desire.

I pray that "your quiver shall be full".

God bless.