Wednesday, July 09, 2008


FROM MISSOURI, may your day be bessed as much as you have been a blessing to us!


Terry said...

Hey Jel!
Seems to me I do recognize that Big Fish!
And here he is AGAIN neck deep in the water. But I guess judging by the big smile on his face, he is doin' jus' fine!
Happy Birthday Pilgrim David Fisher...

I am over here visiting at the Sunshine blog..
Haven't been here for a while!
Sad thing about the whole situation, though there isn't a birthday cake to be had, either at the Pilgrim Pals or HERE!
Fine birthday this is!!!!!

Take care Jel you little package of sunrays , you..Love Terry

Fred said...

A very happy birthday to Big Fish!

Robin said...

Happy Birthday even though I don't know you "Big Fish!"