Friday, July 11, 2008

Got some new cloud pictures back to day, here is one of them


JD said...

I always enjoy your pictures...though I seldom tell you. Thank you JEL!

David Kirk said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the family photos!


Corry said...

Looks like Gonzo, haha.


God's Grace.

Tom said...

It looks like ET with his neck down.

Great shot Jel.

Andrew Clarke said...

Hi Jel, I just dropped in to say hello and saw a great photo. I've got one picture of sunrays through clouds, but I think yours in better. Did you ever think about making a picture calendar of your pics?

jel said...

hi peoples,
thanks for commenting,

First I thought is was a family of clouds flying by, then I saw the side view of a lion's head, with it's mouth open! ;)

Andrew, thanks for stopping by,
I have made calendars for , my family and friends

Robin said...